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This Page is all about Books
Books of diverse subjects - the known (ecsoterica) and the unknown (esoterica.) The Mysteries, Phenomena, Culture, Arts, Crafts, Architecture, Metaphysics and the Physics, Science and much much more.

Books for the enlightened who wants to gain more knowledge.

Sacred Symbols

Sacred Symbols
Sacred Symbols - Robert Adkinson
Sacred Symbols
by: Robert Adkinson

A conpendium of religious, philosophical and cultural emblems, images and symbols that reveals the universal powers and thoughts that bridges the gaps between languages and civilizations the world over.


Control for Life Extension -
Valery Mamonov, Ph.D.
by: Valery Mamonov, Ph.D.

A scientific and holistic approach in providing methods and other various ways for one to achieve longevity.
The author also provides biographies and interviews with some of the then living centenarians.


Techniques of the Great Masters of Art -
Various Art Critics
by: Various Art Critics.

This book explains the many techniques and other methodologies employed by famous Art Masters.
This book is a must read by those who are taking art courses and by the connoisseurs of the Arts as well.

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